Internet Relationships… What is real.

What is real and what is dream
Hard to tell with you it seems
What is real when all you know
Is second hand, a major blow
What is real, when all you share
Is part  of your  life, but, is reality there?
What is real , is the friendship case
Knowing at some point, we touch base
What is real is humour and fun
Sharing  moments one by one
What is real is a ripple in my life
Changing my boundaries, making me thrive
What is real is a lack of insight
Things that I share, are they recieved right
What is real is the way to know
What you are saying, when it feels like a blow
What is real is the need to believe we are 

friends indeed
What is real are our different lives
But thats just fine that makes us wise
What is real is our different take
On lifes problems our views on fate
What is real is the spark that we get
Chasing new knowledge when we’ve never met

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