Swimming today, getting some exercise,

Feeling smug, how could it be otherwise?

Dress in my costume, put on my clothes,

Pack a bag including swimming shoes.
Swimming shoes what an odd idea,

To help me swim better, oh no my dear,

The poolside is wet,  slippery like a rink,

Likely to fall on my arse, even with no drink.
In bare feet I slipped and nearly fell,

Going over backwards,would be just sheer hell,

Imagine the sound like a regular earthquake,

Bear in mind I am no small cupcake. 
So now my swimming outfit, is so sexily chic,

Till your eyes skim my legs and get to the feet,

Encased in natty blue neoprene very bright,

Maybe best viewed in the dark of the night.
As I saunter to the pool, my feet don’t slip,

They look particularly bizarre, I hope they might be hip,

Slipping into the pool, to begin my exercise,

Feeling smug, how could it be otherwise.

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