cutting edge design

Cutting edge design? If so it’s a crime, I get. The need to streamline, To make everything compact, To reduce weight, that’s a fact I understand that first class, gets the whizz, But The smaller the space, the more, the design should fizz, So why, in economy class on planes, Do you feel a maniacContinue reading “cutting edge design”


Swimming today, getting some exercise, Feeling smug, how could it be otherwise? Dress in my costume, put on my clothes, Pack a bag including swimming shoes. Swimming shoes what an odd idea, To help me swim better, oh no my dear, The poolside is wet,  slippery like a rink, Likely to fall on my arse,Continue reading “Swimming”


​Golf a new sport to try Learn some new skills to satisfy Learn to hit  a ball with a club How difficult can it be, unless I hit the scrub Stand relaxed and swing from the hips Practice the move, heck have to be a contortionist  Ready to try, they said go to tee  NotContinue reading “Golf”