Ethereal world

Ethereal world, misty smudgeness

Reflections clear, the double gate

The sign, move on before too late
Ethereal world, swirling shadows

See the startled duck takes flight

Note the beckoning beam of light
Ethereal world, ringed sinfulness

Shadows stark prestiges danger

The portents are an indicator
Etheral world, danger or safety

Where are the demons laying

Is the gate, the key to dragon slaying
Ethereal world, misty smudgeness

Open the gate, that closes my thoughts

Step into the light to find the source
Ethereal world, disapating shadows

Taking control no more sinister

Work on myself, love, I need to administer 
Ethereal world, negate sinfulness

Tread the firm path no wistfulness

 Brightness grows celebrate magnificence
Ethereal picture, portent for change.

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