Adventure to one is purgatory to the next,
An unusual and exciting or daring experience,
Kick starts the hormones, prestiges giddyness,

Thats what they would have us believe,

Testing the boundaries,kicking the traces,

Striving to have fun, finding four aces,

Be it the adrenaline rush, or the wonder inspired,

Its out of the comfort zone, effort required,

Adventure will be high on our lists

Even where anxieties sneakily persist.
Adventure to one, is purgatory to the next,

It depends on ones psyche, whether it feels like a hex,
I read of adventures enacted by some,

Mountain climbing, and round the world sailing leave me numb,

Free styling across high and barren cliffs, bungee jumping over an abyss, 

I freak at the thought, at the mind blowing effort,

My soft psyche thinks unpleasant,

Testing the body to the limits, a half inch from death,

The thought makes me catch my breath,

For the high octane adventurers I am full of awe, 

My idea of adventure would stick in their craw.
Adventure to one, is commonplace to the next,

It depends on ones psyche if it is breath of life, or hex,

Adventure is anything we want to be

Even a gentle outing down to the sea. 

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