The dark of the night

I lay on a bed in

 the dark of the night.
Dressed  all in satin a

sensuous sight,

A sacrifical pose,

From a satanic rite.
You are beside me your 

breath on my skin,

I welcome your presence,

A reprise to begin.
My world and my lover you

 left me, chagrin,

Now you are back,

Great joy set to win.
I feel immortal your

 touch, energises,

You make me whole,

I forgive you your lies.
I turn towards you then

let out a scream,

Dressed all in black,

A dark angel you seem.
Is this the darkness that 

fills your soul,

Those feathered wings,

You bend to kiss me, then

 suck  out my breath,

Am I the sacrifice,

You, the angel of death?
I seem to diminish my 

breathing to stop,

No I must fight,

I will survive, will I not?
I lay on a bed in

the dark of the night.
Twisting and turning,

 Now radiating light.

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