My retreat

The hideaway down the hill. – my retreat

So hard to beat the views spill

Sky and sea, night and day thrill
The moon in all her glory stuns – brilliant bright

Glowing light, magic truth runs

My writers muse, wildly comes
This the land of fairytale – a world fey

Fairies play, see in the dale

Moonbeams spotlight all detail
Or if in prosaic mood see – just beauty

So spooky, breath- taking free

Creativity the key.


Let’s kick things off with something new for most of you, I’m sure. This is one of the least well-known poetry forms–an old Welsh form called the ENGLYN PENFYR. It is syllabic and rhymed in nature, as opposed to metered, but the use of internal crossover rhymes lends it a very rhythmic quality.
The poem is comprised of three line stanzas, and each line has a rhyming word in the seventh position. A three syllable caesura is added to line #1, which cross-rhymes with the first three syllables of line #2.
This short form appears simple, but can be quite challenging to craft cleanly, making it all the more pleasing when it finally fits together.

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