Category: Viewpoint

The little Things

It’s the little things that spark the memories

The simple things that warm the heart

Reminders of you in life’s accessories

Like a summer day and a walk in the park

It’s the little things that spark the memories

The complex things that chill the heart

Reminders of problems in life’s accessories

Like a thunderstorm and no light in the dark

It’s the little things, that make me review

the good and the bad, of my life with you

The way you reach and hold my hand

The days you don’t listen, don’t understand

It’s the little things that make me review

Weigh the good, the bad what makes me blue

Our song on the radio, your tired smile

Remind me you go that extra mile

It’s the little things that spark the memories

The simple things that warm the heart

Reminding me of our shared treasuries

The reasons we stay and do not part



Adventure to one is purgatory to the next,
An unusual and exciting or daring experience,
Kick starts the hormones, prestiges giddyness,

Thats what they would have us believe,

Testing the boundaries,kicking the traces,

Striving to have fun, finding four aces,

Be it the adrenaline rush, or the wonder inspired,

Its out of the comfort zone, effort required,

Adventure will be high on our lists

Even where anxieties sneakily persist.
Adventure to one, is purgatory to the next,

It depends on ones psyche, whether it feels like a hex,
I read of adventures enacted by some,

Mountain climbing, and round the world sailing leave me numb,

Free styling across high and barren cliffs, bungee jumping over an abyss, 

I freak at the thought, at the mind blowing effort,

My soft psyche thinks unpleasant,

Testing the body to the limits, a half inch from death,

The thought makes me catch my breath,

For the high octane adventurers I am full of awe, 

My idea of adventure would stick in their craw.
Adventure to one, is commonplace to the next,

It depends on ones psyche if it is breath of life, or hex,

Adventure is anything we want to be

Even a gentle outing down to the sea. 



Starting a new chapter


New period of rapture

New dating

Maybe mating


They tick all the boxes

How thick a façade do they have to fox us


Expecting lots of validation

Out if the window procrastination


Putting aside old wrongs and disappointments

Clean sheet foregoing clairvoyance


Hoping for a match

Going to damp down expectations

Waiting for this adventure, too unfurl and hatch


Proverb’s and sayings.

​The grass is always greener on the other side

Does that mean we should run there, or take time to decide

Curiosity killed the cat

Should we make note of that

A rolling stone doesn’t gather moss

Is that about living life, not giving a toss

All that glitters is not gold

Dreams are good but check the road

Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water

Hold onto the good, reflect, reorder

Every cloud has a silver lining

If only we could see past hurt and anger, learn, stop pining

Life is not about making others happy

It’s about sharing your happiness with others

Proverbs and sayings litter our speech

Are there truths there within our reach?



​Am I truly happy? 

Could I have been happier?

Did I make the right choice last year?

If I had taken a different route, would I have less fear?

Does happiness have a pinnacle?

Or will tomorrow supply me more?

If my choices had been different,would I have a better outcome?

If I could rewind would I climb a different mountain?

Take a deep breath and stop the angst

I cannot obssess about what might have been

Am I content in the now?

Working on that with all my know how

I have to adapt, learn to change

Look to the future to rearrange

The past is the past it will help me to learn

But if I obsess, I won’t get a return

I can day dream the changes my life would have

But I will never know, its a life I never had

Am I truly happy?

If not I must strive

Move into the future

New choices to derive

Habit of doubt

​Habit of doubt

Need to work it out

Communication is the key

Talk to me

Is this distance just a phase

Or is doubt the poisons craze

We are there to share good and bad

Talk to me

Doubt and love can go hand in hand

Trust needs to be the bandstand

Habit of doubt

Talk to me

A sabbatical from us 

Will sever the trust

Lover or friend

Having doubts, share your feelings

Mind Pictures

​Mind pictures

Filling in the gaps

Our own experiences

Making mind maps

Unusual situations 

Processed by our brains

Made understandable 

May be rearranged

Situation static

What do you and I see

Not the same scenario

Oh deary me

Coloured by experience

Our minds fill in the gaps

Each will have a unique view

With some overlap