Text Snippets Word Crozzle. Early Conversation.

Jackson : Live in Italy at the moment. Did UK Belgium, NZ and Aus on my way here. Curse of the traveller.
Christine : Well so much world to see.
Jackson : Exactly.
Christine : However never managed NZ or Aus…yet anyway!Would love to visit Australia have a friend there. Did you just travel or work and travel?
Jackson : Worked inNZ and Aus.
Christine: Nice way to get a feel for places.
Jackson: Totally.
Christine: Hah just made a tactical error! Bum…playing and watching tv…
Christine: Thought you would use that space and slaughter me… phew! What are you interested in outside Crozzle?
Jackson: Sport sport sport sport… Oh and sport.
Christine: Laughing….you like sport….woooo…..l know very littlee about sport….but always interested to share in anothers passions……
Jackson : Oh sex too…..:)
Christine:1 am learning about golf at mo….a whole new vocabulary!! Lol
Jackson : It’s another passion 🙂
Christine: That would be sex or golf?
Jackson :  Not a golf fan….. Hate the culture. Love the sex culture though 😉
Christine :1 am just learning about the game…theoretically….never going to play…. What’s a sex culture?
Jackson : Just joking!
Christine: Please don’t  say s and m I spent the weekend having discussions about the story of o!
Jackson: No I just kidding. So you’re not into S&M? 🙂
Christine : Its ok…sex is high on most mens priorities..
Jackson: I’m just kidding. I know women don’t want to get tortured by horny men.
Christine : Personally no…I see sex as the giving and recieving of pleasure…and pleasure not pain!!
If S and M turns one on…its fine…consenting adults do what ever makes them happy….
Jackson: So pleasure is your thing.
Christine : Er yes….what else is it about.,…both to get and give.
Jackson : And how do you like to get?
Christine :Pleasure?Well usual sort of ways….foreplay…sex play …afterplay…maybe some fantasy….
Jackson : You married?
Christine :Yes..
Jackson : Always well behaved?
Christine: Define well behaved. 

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