Why Rhyme?

Words crawl across the page
Full of ideas, need to engage
Stories, prose or rhyme
Has to be rhyme, when , little time
Rhythms and rhymes feels so easy
Feel so right, work so cleanly
Poetry purists will say how cheesy
Expell their breath, very wheezy
An idea to express, a reaction to provoke
A hope for debate, revolt, or quote
Human relationships float my boat
Love, lust and human trust, my promote
Sadness sometimes lurks in a corner
But as an optimist,I try to be an informer
Why rhyme
Nice line
Tends to keep things
On springs
I can do more rounded prose
Use large words,maybe pose
Metrical composition
Personification recognition
As long as it rhymes
Suits my paradigms
Why rhyme
Because I so love it!
What no rhyme ….never does it!

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