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The trials and tribulations of writing that book

​Putting the words on the paper

That was an easy caper

The flow of ideas

The protagoniststs fears

The plot that was not

The plan that was shot

The breaking of rules

Maybe created by fools

That was an easy caper
The novel soon grew

In chapters woo hoo

I wrote as I spoke

Great bursts sent to choke

Punctuation and grammar

Were  under the hammer 

My characters changed

Took liberties unarranged 

That was an easy caper
A book near complete

Wow what a feat

Joy unabated

Editing complicated

Frowns replaced smiles

Changes by the miles

I changed that last week

How come, oh bleep

That was a harder caper
Cutting and editing twenty times

Face now covered in big frown lines

Cover designed

Smiles realigned

Put it together

Loosen the tether

Off to be printed

Proof newly minted

That was a joyous caper
I had put the words on paper

In all a difficult caper

Now to relax 

Till fates circumstance

Showed me the promotional forargo 

If I wanted to shift the cargo

I needed to add some glitter

Use resources like Facebook and Twitter

This was a learning caper
Now my days spent tweeting

In between comfort eating

I write religiously on my blog

It’s become a full time job

My sales are hardly booming

It’s really quite confusing

Where do I find the time to write

I have to sleep some time at night

This is a time consuming caper
I am learning much

Wish I had a big crutch

More hours in the day

To write and make hay

Putting the words on paper

That was the easy caper

As for the rest

It’s like swotting for a test

Masses of work 

That you can’t shirk 

A sale makes a smirk

Could send one berserk

Not such an easy caper.

Why Rhyme?

Words crawl across the page
Full of ideas, need to engage
Stories, prose or rhyme
Has to be rhyme, when , little time
Rhythms and rhymes feels so easy
Feel so right, work so cleanly
Poetry purists will say how cheesy
Expell their breath, very wheezy
An idea to express, a reaction to provoke
A hope for debate, revolt, or quote
Human relationships float my boat
Love, lust and human trust, my promote
Sadness sometimes lurks in a corner
But as an optimist,I try to be an informer
Why rhyme
Nice line
Tends to keep things
On springs
I can do more rounded prose
Use large words,maybe pose
Metrical composition
Personification recognition
As long as it rhymes
Suits my paradigms
Why rhyme
Because I so love it!
What no rhyme ….never does it!


Words those unsubstantial marks on the page
Describing concepts from the mind, retrieved from life’s  stage
Words those insignificant sounds reaching our ears
Communicating needs, joys and fears
What makes those words a potent force
When each receiver tunes in, differently of course
The pictures produced in the receivers  mind 
Influenced by their experiences, perceptions, beliefs inside
Words that paint pictures of concepts, we feel a need to express
If words evoke reaction maybe that’s a writer’s success

Caught in Passion


Verse, to brighten up your day
Not into verse? why not look anyway?
Available on Amazon, in print or kindle
Has pictures too, so not a swindle
Dips into friendship, beliefs and love
Browse, fit your mood like a glove
Lastly a little desire
Maybe make,your mood catch fire
It could be you will catch the passion
For painting with words, become empassioned
Caught in Inspiration will be next
My doodling with words must be flexed.

Moving ideas

Out of my mind, onto the page,
Ideas stream, words just rage,
Clamouring  for release, urging me on,
My love for life, drives the marathon,
Creativity tantalises, pushes the pace,
The need to transcribe, a daily race,
Wanting to engage,  to evoke a reaction,
Portraying all of life, immense satisfaction.

Other passions..


Other Passions
Possess the soul
Other creations, to fashion
The need to strive, to be a whole
Life is not about rations
To be self fullfilled one needs the control
To express personality without dispassion
Maybe it means, dancing round the maypole
Or anything else that causes satisfaction
Get creative, let your imagination stroll
Fill your soul with creative light, make the most of your passions.

Silk painting is one of my other passions.


The emotions, emanating,effortlessly
Are heightened now tremendously
As you hold me, so your touch
Ignites a fire, as our lips close crush
Tongues intertwine
Feelings divine
Hands reach out and caress
Sliding inside my dress
Sending shivers down my spine
Feeling hot
Ready to drop
Head first into ecstasy.

Sweet Dreams

Curled up neatly
Sleeping tight
Mind over flowing
Sexy dreams fight
Sheets dampen
Thrashing limbs
Feeling touch
Tunnel dims
Tease arouse
Embrace tight
Ghostly presence
Lips fight
Breathless steamy
Arms clamp
Spooning sweetly
Features blank
Moaning rises
Breathing lust
Urges surge
Sanity bust
Sleeping wildly
Dreams asunder
Throb and contract
Weak with wonder.


The aura surrounding you, mellifluous sound and light
Colours blending and changing, music in my mind
Your aura enchants me,pure cosmic delight
There’s beauty, surrounding us keeping love inclined
Flagrant words,that cannot tell meaning of the whole
The obtuse sits beside us and on bad days bends our karma
Working together, syncopating our needs, puts blackness on parole
Striving for growth boosting the factors that keeps our souls, glued conquered
Colouring our world with lights and joy.