Some people chat on line to get to know people make new friends. Some do it boost, their egos to have a virtual affair, to exert their power, to chase capture and discard. Be wise, hold on to your heart, too good to be true? It probably is!


What are the dangers of dreams Infernal fantastic tortuous schemes The paths that lead to danger Leading us to falling in love with a stranger Life set, priorities to be met Plans in place, moving apace, direction set Train moving, tracks straight, becoming truly stulifying All mapped, feeling trapped, not so surprising Happiness comes andContinue reading “Dreams”


Serendipitous soliloquy  Does this tirade scan iambically I pace the floor while shouting my declaimation  Trying to rid myself of my consternation You swore you loved me, You chased and wooed me I began to trust and became your devotee How could I become sucked in to this morass I am feeling such an assContinue reading “Serendipity”


There is no mistaking you, Standing poised by the jeep, surrounded by the fractured light as the sun bounces off metal and glass, Your head thrown back, emitting sounds, that I cannot hear, Although I am imagining, the infectious booming laughter, rolling from your lips.  Images blown like paper, Stirring, in the draft from anContinue reading “You”


Sometimes we explore all realms of being Life, and emotions it’s totally freeing Trust that binds us allows for sharing All ideas pondered, our intimacy baring Expression lands us raw and intense Ideas unlocked excitingly immense Adventures discovered as we move through life Supporting each other through trouble and strife ​Sometimes we explore all realmsContinue reading “Exploration”

Gossamer wings

You brushed my life, with gossamer wings Held captivated by your promises of things Then you flew away, leaving an indelible mark A gap, a need, a place that felt so dark Changing my soul forever, all for naught But the life cycles of butterflies are short From this memory springs Love,Yearning,Sadness, Learning and Strength

Live tomorrow with pride

Hold the joy of the moment Keep it safe within Whatever happens tomorrow Don’t let the demons in When things pan out in abundance Remember, that moment of bliss It’s yours to keep, to treasure, to learn Like when, you  stepped off the cliff If your dreams don’t pan out and things go askew Regroup,Continue reading “Live tomorrow with pride”