Reaction choices

We have two choices in how we react to situations from a place of resistance or a place of acceptance.From resistance we get anger, irritation and frustration. We think I can’t concentrate will increase your well being and happiness.with this noise, this is such a waste of time, you should have done….. And this affects what we do and how we behave.
If we can accept what is happening try to relax into the moment then it reduces our stress. Stuck in a queue, stuck in traffic, partner left the bathroom in a mess,small,  examples of things that irritate. Accepting this is how it is in this moment changes our reaction enables us to ride the flow. It doesn’t mean we are happy with the situation or that we won’t try to positively improve the situation. It just means we will choose not to act negatively and become frustrated and upset. If the situation is outside our control then we don’t waste our energies trying to change something we can’t.
We often worked on learned tried and tested reactions without thinking about our reaction. If you are becoming angry and frustrated remember you have a choice in how you respond in any given situation.

When you accept what is happening rather than resist it you can become open to other possibilities within the situation.

Finding something positive in a truly negative situation and focusing on that
In life things are ever changing. We need flexibility to cope in an ever changing world.

This is particularly true in our relationships.

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