​Cleaning the house is such a bore

Sinks, basins, and loo rings ever more

Every week the dirt is back

Dust, crumbs, and pubic hair to hack

This male has weekend chores, to do

Day dreaming makes the world renew

He imagines the thoughts of his trusty steed

Who would be imaging, such sexy deeds

While his hands wields the duster

Steed  dreams of things, to make him fluster

Hills and valleys to climb and touch

Perky breasts, with knobs and such

Tight trimmed Tabbies Oh so lush

Wet water rafting in tunnels that crush

Syntillating views that stun the senses

Steeds adventures so immenses

Though a steed is versatile 

 He thinks cleaning such a trial 

Cleaning the house is such a bore

Day dreaming mediates the chore

When his steed is bored with cleaning

He stands up to say

Come on  want sex…ok?

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