Category: sexuality

Cumulus clouds

Erotic images saturating my mind

Cumulus clouds  flying high in the sky

Shapes of desire leave reality behind

Soaked in sensuality ready to fly.
Playing my dream see the pictures clear

Slip through the vapours to touch to win

Floating on fantasy ready my dear

Let our ballet begin.

Tidal Wave



tidal wave



breathless, crave

Swept away


the  Sky 

Feet Never


the ground



Tidal Wave


still amazed.


Buried Fantasies

Sharing buried fantasies

We eagerly find

Trialling our ecstasy    

Freeing our minds

 Sharing passion true

Colours our lives

 Expanding our view

 Excitement thrives

Whatever we can imagine 

Will become our feast 

Adding allure and attraction

To that ravening beast.

I am on fire…adult content

I am on fire
Filled with desire
My world contracted
My body reacted
I sit in the gloom
In a bar type room
Drinking a brandy
Ever so randy
I am not alone
As I sit with my phone
My cyber lover is there
With pictures so rare
His words weave a story
Ever so stormy
We share fantasies
Outside moralities
It makes us smile
Our senses to beguile
We can share anywhere
If a signal is there
What to do next
Thats a question to vex…
I am on fire
Filled with desire…