Category: lust

New passion

Newly met

Learning yet

Thunder rumbles

Lightening strikes

Nerve endings raw

Pouring down wild and wet

Getting  ready getting set
Unexpected newly directed

Thoroughly affected

Passion takes hold unrestrained

Nothing about this can be tamed

Mind pictures set the flames

Until the lust peaks and wanes


Playing, positive, pleasure,

Words, wistful, wonder,

Games, graceful, gratification,

Modish, match, mastermind,

Male, mission,mesmerise,

Beware, bewitch, brazen,

Flirt, forsee, future,

Danger, dalliance,dependence,

Raise, rules, rocking,

Prey, prophetic, paralysis,

Hedonistic,hope, hunger,

Ego, extra, extended,

Reason, rationalise, stay in control.

Distraction….An interlocking Rubaiyat

Long empty days I look for distraction

Life is too short to live with abstraction

Can love fill the gap like words in a song

Would it be real or fatal attraction
Can’t  sit and wait for the chance  to be strong

Need to find happiness a place to belong

Follow the footsteps run slow in the sand

Grabbing love, for loves sake would be so wrong
I look at your face its got out of hand

Distraction not  love the name of the brand

It’s about desire, a burst of passion

Quick satisfaction, please understand

Relationships normal chain

The bubble has been burst

Will that be the worst

Life gets in the way

Almost every day

Changes put a strain 

On relationships normal chain

He/she can make you sad

Also make you mad

Love is but a guide

You cannot run and hide
What is this nebulous thing

The emotion that pulls our string

Attraction, sex and lust

May well just go bust

The underlying theme

That makes our eternal dream

Is a perfect symbosis 

With absolutely no neurosis

Its a rare and perfect beast

Easy to become deceased.