Living Life

​I cope with my  life in my tried and tested ways

Spreading out my love and keeping fears at bay

I know that I have a boundless, store of love, to give

So no need to horde it, I can let it live

I am less certain about receiving love

Or sharing other parts of me, some of me is bluff

My dreams are horded close and rarely shared

 Illusions, I try to spot then change or kill

But some exist against my will

My tolerance is kept in a box

I try my best to keep it unlocked

Diplomacy is sometimes in short supply

My bag of diplomacy often seems to run dry

Irreverence and humour come from a well

I drink from it regularly I am under its spell

My inhibitions pop into my mind

Stay with me during the daily grind

I cope with my life in tried and tested ways

Trying to change some of my excessive forays

During it all I remain unique

The pluses and minuses of this priceless antique 

Trying to live, love and be fulfilled

Learning from life maybe becoming more skilled

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