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What did I want from this life?

Did I understand as I stumbled through?

Planning. No, more like serendipity 

With no direction, what have I missed?

With reaction, rather than considered action

What crass decisions have I made?

How have those decisions  rolled out across the the cosmos?

How have those ripples impacted on others?

Who have I hurt without thought?

With a philosophy of caring for others

Have I actually been guilty of being egotistical and uncaring?

What do I want from this life?

Maybe a new set of values.


​The relentless beat of insect wings

The incessant  drone of the bee

Sounds so loud to my sensitive nerves

So many sounds for free

The hunting cry of the owl at night

The barking of the fox

All these sounds are so intense 

A quintessential paradox

Heightened awareness seems to me

A product of new found joy

An awareness of natures full estate

As my nerve endings strive to deploy.

Living Life

​I cope with my  life in my tried and tested ways

Spreading out my love and keeping fears at bay

I know that I have a boundless, store of love, to give

So no need to horde it, I can let it live

I am less certain about receiving love

Or sharing other parts of me, some of me is bluff

My dreams are horded close and rarely shared

 Illusions, I try to spot then change or kill

But some exist against my will

My tolerance is kept in a box

I try my best to keep it unlocked

Diplomacy is sometimes in short supply

My bag of diplomacy often seems to run dry

Irreverence and humour come from a well

I drink from it regularly I am under its spell

My inhibitions pop into my mind

Stay with me during the daily grind

I cope with my life in tried and tested ways

Trying to change some of my excessive forays

During it all I remain unique

The pluses and minuses of this priceless antique 

Trying to live, love and be fulfilled

Learning from life maybe becoming more skilled