Like a phoenix from the ashes

​Like a phoenix from the ashes 

Revived, recovered life rehashes

Bending like grass in the wind

Maybe battered but strong inside

Life has thrown her some bad fixes

Some bad choices , plus outside control, mixes

Love gone bad

Mad and sad

Empty promise

Confidence novice

Work farrago 

Life embargo

Like a phoenix from the ashes

New shoots grow in dashes

Gathering strength from deep inside

Life rebuilt finding new pride

Like a phoenix from the ashes 

She rises to remastered circumstances

Stronger, awesome and wise.


  1. sam1128 says:

    Thank you. Was trying to show that inner spark…to help us climb out of so many bad or sad situations.


  2. ronbrownx says:

    I love this one. It speaks to strength and determination.


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