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Gossamer wings

You brushed my life, with gossamer wings

Held captivated by your promises of things
Then you flew away, leaving an indelible mark
A gap, a need, a place that felt so dark
Changing my soul forever, all for naught
But the life cycles of butterflies are short
From this memory springs
Love,Yearning,Sadness, Learning and Strength

Stemming the tide

​Rest, recuperation, renewal, regeneration

What do you need to heal the wounds

Put your life back on a firm foundation

Do you have a special place, bookmarked outside the rat race

Or a place within your mind

Where you stash any hurts until you can rewind

Sanity, surety, safety, success

What strategies do you have to cope

When life throws brick bats and you are feeling low

That anchor you, that give you hope 

Do you have a plan, or ride the storms in all their forms

If cast adrift

Where do you find the lift

Delve inside, find love, then strength to stem the tide.

Like a phoenix from the ashes

​Like a phoenix from the ashes 

Revived, recovered life rehashes

Bending like grass in the wind

Maybe battered but strong inside

Life has thrown her some bad fixes

Some bad choices , plus outside control, mixes

Love gone bad

Mad and sad

Empty promise

Confidence novice

Work farrago 

Life embargo

Like a phoenix from the ashes

New shoots grow in dashes

Gathering strength from deep inside

Life rebuilt finding new pride

Like a phoenix from the ashes 

She rises to remastered circumstances

Stronger, awesome and wise.

Prolonged one night stand

​Electrifying sensations

Exciting  intonations

Addictive causality

Abundant sexuality

More than a one night stand
Hormone fuelled

Hedonistic meetings

Singular plurality

Outside morality

Should only have been a one night stand




Addicted behaviour

Arousal Saviour 

Crave contact

Crass objective

Need to cut that bond.

Hah but am I that strong?

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