one memory

​If you could keep but one memory

Jut a single memory from your past

What would you hold close to you

From all your lifes repast

Could you distill all that was important 

When life doesnt come by installment
Would you systematically discard all the dross

Memories unimportant, trival or gross

Left with the treasures, held to the light

How long to examine them, to get the choice right

Would it be that memory of happiness and fun

Something to make you smile when you are on the run
If you could keep but one memory, a thing to reconcile

Would it be one, that inspired you to walk the extra mile

Would it have to be of that one true love

Or would memory of family have to come above

Having crystallised the memories too precious to discard

I find to choose just one is really just too hard
I find myself with a treasure trove

All too precious to remove

With only one memory would I want to remember

The person who is me, because it would dismember

My whole ecology

My memories are the sum of me.

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