Looking for love with that certain someone.

​Are you still looking for that special person ….the only one for you.
The person you are destined to be with. Do you think that only one person in this world exists for you? If that is  true, if every person had only one perfect match, and only one person to make them happy. Then it means love will be limited to that person and you will never be complete without them! 

What happens if you never meet?
Maybe you should consider that there are many compatible individuals out there.
So where does love come from how does it start? For many people looking for love it is the spark that is the signal,  but sometimes the spark is pure animal lust that when satisfied leaves mild attraction only, it is a product of mind and hormones. Sure you need attraction its part of the recipe but what about the other givens, is your list of must haves very long and non negotiable? Do you discard people after the first date if they dont meet up with everyone of your expectations? 
If you are searching for that special someone or are starting again. You have to go back to basics and look within. The starting place for love is with yourself, you have to love yourself , you have to look at the reasons love has failed in the past. Whilst it might be nice to put the blame totally on others for failure there has to be an element within your behaviour  or beliefs that is stalling love developing. Maybe something from long ago stored in the recesses of your memory long forgotten. 
In order to be loved you have to radiate love, be a beacon so that others are attracted to you. You need to love yourself, love life be happy with the world. 

You do all that already? You know your hang ups ? But you need somebody else to make you happy?

Nobody can make you truly happy its a state of mind within yourself. 
Think again if everybody you meet is incompatible there is something within you, perhaps you are  being judgemental, or not drawing them to you. 
If you can become a beacon of love and contentedness then you will be a magnet for friends, family and that special person you are searching for. 
Stop dreaming of perfection in others and look to your own inner happiness, then start checking out the people around you. You will react to them differently you will not be needy for love, and that will be a sea change in how they react to you.You don’t have to compromise on the qualities you feel you need in your partner but you will become more open to the form they are packaged in. 
Dont be constrained by looking for the one perfect individual, look with all encompassing love at a wider pool. Dont be blinkered by the fantasy in your head. Work on being more loving, working on misplaced beliefs. Live your life and get the best from each moment, be happy and love will find you. 

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