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Ravening beast?

What is love is it a ravening beast
Is it mainly lust on a body to feast
Does that longing and awe
Have to gnaw at the soul
Does it titilate the senses
Make us insane

What is love is it a ravening beast
Is it joy exquisite and misery ceased
Where is the balance between
The want and the need
The caring and sharing
On which it must feed

When is love just tender and pure
Not just longings we have to endure
Its tendrils are there to be nutured
To grow
In the early days of love lust
We know not what we sew

Maybe we learn from loves early mistakes
It’s important to survive those early heart breaks
To tame the heart of the ravening beast
To find eternal happiness
Is a goal we may never reach

Love is

Love is the joy,
Love is the motivator,
Love is the buzz,
Love is the decoy,
Love is the lance
stabbing the unwary,
Love is a dance,
Love can be bitter,
Love can be sweet,
Love can destroy,
Love can be a laser
cauterising the heart,
Love can be pain
tearing worlds apart,
Love can be bitter,
Love can be sweet,
Love can be dark
twisted with blight,
Love can be bright
radiating light,
Love is an emotion
hard to define,
Comes in many guises,
Wilt thou be mine,
Love is the bell weather,
Love the holy grail,
If its missing we think we failed.

© Samantha Beardon

Stars realign

A Villanelle

 Dark days become nights the stars don’t align

 in this nightmare world of retrograde time

Stare into the cosmos look for a sign

Spiral out of control, lost life’s design

You were my anchor now gone such a crime

Dark days become nights the stars don’t align

Need to find a new path draw a new line

Not play the fool, in futile pantomime

Stare into the cosmos look for a sign

Days feeling like weeks dreams seem borderline

My home no longer my haven sublime

Dark days become nights the stars don’t align

Break free from bad feelings must not resign

My love is worth more than a tumbling dime

Stare into the cosmos finding a sign

Love all encompassing, truly divine

waiting to find me, yours was a mime

light days become nights the stars realign

Stare into the cosmos yes there’s a sign

S. Beardon © 2017

Bridge….. a Clogyrnach

The clogyrnach (klawg-ur-NAWK’) is one of the 24 traditional Welsh poetry forms. It is a stanzaic, syllabic and rhymed form. Each stanza consists of 32 syllables and two rhymes. It can be written three different ways, in 6, 5, or 4 lines, as described below. 
This is not a difficult form to craft, but if done with care it can create some amazingly beautiful works. Here are the three patterns which may be used:

x x x x x x x A

x x x x x x x A

x x x x B

x x x x B

x x B 

x x A

x x x x x x x A

x x x x x x x A

x x x x B

x x x x B

x x B x x A

x x x x x x x A

x x x x x x x A

x x x x B

x x x x B x x B x x A
Bridge of sighs  new water flowing

Beautiful scene soft and glowing

Mirrors emotions

Feels like devotions

 Love notions now showing
Bridge of sighs love has vanished

Scene now grey beauty banished

All I see is you

Now you are taboo

A bright view tarnished
Beautiful bridge flowing  stream

I see you clearly in my dream

A pointer to life

Don’t get stuck in strife

Love’s drive is  just one theme



Can you match me measure for measure

will you be sensitive to my pleasure

can you pull me, out of a web of distrust
you planted  seeds and nurtured their growth

cared so much, brought loving  close

new love new  set of feelings

exciting romance, to expunge past dealings
trying to trust and believe anew

wanting so much, for new love to be true

going slowly taking my time

hoping for partnership truly sublime
love and laughter, joy and gladness

honesty, communication, pleasure without malice

old love,  bad memories  thwarted

new love, new  memories  supported

Padlocked Love.

Padlocked Love
So many padlocks

Locked with so much love

Each locked compartment

Bursting at the seams

Once upon a time

 the symbol of fidelity

Lovers clipped them to a rail

Threw away the key
Thousands of padlocks 

Sitting in a row

A sign of relationships

Waiting time to grow

Years pass by and the

world begins to tarnish

Locked to the rail

With no hint of varnish
Could we view those couples

Starting off brand new 

Ten years on how many

Are still true

Are they welded close

Like the padlock on the rail

Or split assunder the lock

All atrail? 
© Samantha Beardon

Sparkling frost warmed by the sun

My love is not of the springtime

Blossoms, nesting birds and new born lambs

Rising sap and sprouting leaf
Nor  is it the love  of summertime
Bursting buds, showy flowers, perfumed air

Hot wind, heating the skin
It is not the love of  autumn 

Falling leaves, rain and cold wind

Hot and cold alternately 
My love is of the winter

Sharp sparkling frost warmed by the rays of the gentle sun

Cold outside but inner warmth sitting by the cracking flames
Heady lust  has settled

Looking for new pastures has waned

Now the warmth of friendship, the bond of trust

Shared dreams, laced with humour.

Lay your head on my heart

Lay your head on my heart

Feel the beats stop and start
Our mind pictures blending

the feelings we are tending

feel the warmth of my skin

it must be win win

Reach out to me
Feel the beats stop and start

describe your feelings

in this time we are stealing

a time free to care

we have little to spare

Lay your head on my heart
Examine joys from the coffer

take the key

unlock possibilities

Lay your head on my heart

Feel the beats stop and start