Some people chat on line to get to know people make new friends. Some do it boost, their egos to have a virtual affair, to exert their power, to chase capture and discard. Be wise, hold on to your heart, too good to be true? It probably is!

Stolen love

Lay your head on my heart Feel the beats stop and start Our mind pictures blending the feelings we are tending feel the warmth of my skin it must be win win Reach out to me Feel the beats stop and start describe your feelings in this time are stealing a time free to careContinue reading “Stolen love”

Love like the Movies

We have this image of love, how it is going to be, what will happen when we feel it. When it doesn’t play out as we expect we accept less or move on. Sometimes we make the wrong choices. identifying love is difficult and we are taught by books and movies not by role modelsContinue reading “Love like the Movies”

Padlocked love

Padlocked Love So many padlocks Locked with love Each locked compartment Bursting at the seams Once upon a time the symbol of fidelity Lovers clipped them to a rail Threw away the key Thousands of padlocks Sitting in a row A sign of relationships Waiting time to grow Years pass by and the world beginsContinue reading “Padlocked love”