Attraction snuck up on us quickly The lure of romance in the air That first wave of emotion, swept us away No need for Tinder, it was redundant that day. We floated  on clouds of pheromones  Drunk on shared secrets and joy We couldn’t stop touching each other Magnetism  fully deployed. The recipe for aContinue reading “Attraction”


Looking out across  the great divide Time slows as I see the mirage Coming slowly closer Shimmering light surrounds the image A man emerges lightening flashes His hand touches my face I am On fire feeling  energised alive.

Will love live or die?

I get glimpses of who you are Makes me want, to return from afar  Your soul seems suffused in light Like a moth to a flame, it seems so right Your warmth and sweetness  Becomes my weakness Drunk on the your nectar Like a bee, I am a collector The intenseness of our communication HasContinue reading “Will love live or die?”

She lives in two worlds

​She lives in two worlds, that is the norm Mind numbing reality and riding the storm Being a drab, totally unappreciated, to sex goddess worshiped  The total high priestess Life in the real world versus living on line Broken down living to feeling sublime Harried and criticised most of the time, then validated complimented  AContinue reading “She lives in two worlds”