Swiping the new typing

​Wow Swiping

The new typing

Well not very new

But to me a new view
I like the theory

How to, a query

Slide the finger

Don’t let it linger
IMG it’s not h that VB easy

ß my mind VB and it’s very queasy

My BM will seems thwarted

The sense distorted
Hmm way to go

As that verse shows

I suppose when stuck for inspiration

Swiping can give a new poetry variation
Where the fashion is for the obtuse

Swiping will have lots if use

A whole new verse form

Could become the norm
F you can decipher 

It BM might make VB it less kosher

For niw will tap away

Swioing toooo frustrating to play. 
Swiping verses unedited ! 

Apologies to all of you who are expert swipers!

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