Was it dreams?

​Was it dreams that brought us together

In the the arms of morpheus

Is this a fabled soliloquy or a duet light as a feather

Was it dreams that brought us together

Or will they force us assunder

As our chariots ride the waves of sleeps verdant weather

Will dreams sleeping and waking be our anchors

Or will we wake to lifes demands that cleave our world

That push us assunder make us true reactors

Was it dreams? 


  1. The answer must be Yes!

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  2. ronbrownx says:

    Was it dreams? Whatever it was it did not last . So many good things seem to be like that.

    Nothing gold can stay

    This has a classic feel. Lived this poem Sam


    1. ronbrownx says:

      Loved it toi

      Liked by 1 person

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