Life revolves

​Life revolves,life just flies

As soon as you are grown, the time rolls quickly by

The decades change perceptions and what we like to do

Time compresses, the years are quickly through

There the many milestones that mark the passage of time

Lust, love, births and marriages, career progression make quite a line

There was a time to party,  and drink unlimited booze

Then bedtime gets much earlier, we opt to stay and snooze

Running up the stairs was always such a breeze 

Now its more a gentle walk with more than the hint of wheeze

We used to love to travel to far flung flung exotic places

That hasn’t changed but check what we now pack in our cases

Our taste in music was bang on trend

Now the latest fad is unintelligable and drives us round the bend

We used to have so much energy, we could over ride fatigue

Now we suffer aches and pains, our energy is under siege 

Lifes one long continuum, needs and priorities change

Just keep a reckoning of all your major gains

Remember that child inside remains forever young

Live it up and enjoy each decade as it comes

Life revolves, life just flies

As soon as you are grown, the time rolls swiftly by.

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