December feels just like spring

Weather warm no cold swing

Dark and damp the winter nights

Gloomy days a few are bright

Rain and gales the weather gives

No crisp cold frost the warmth forbids

The season marches further on

Christmas creeps up hit that gong

Presents bought and cards a wing

Mood adjusts to the festive swing

Towns and cities, houses too 

Covered in lights of every hue

Friends give a a glimpse of other lives

 Christmas in another guise

Ce!ebrating with summer days

Not for them the winter haze

Crisp blue skies and sparkly seas

Sunshine, sea  blue sky warm breeze

But grey or blue, north or south

There is the touch of a friend as greetings bounce

 Brings a smile to warm the heart

Because friendship is a really great art

Its always summer somewhere

And during the winter season be aware

It can always be summer in your heart.

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