Surreal the scene, within my dream

A place of ghastly horror

A figure hanging in the sky

A stark magician’s tower.
Surreal the scene, is this a dream?

This place of dark morbidity

Or am I banished far away

For becoming a liability.
Surreal the scene, I need to scream

No life within my view

Is this a place of spectres

With hatred dark to spew.
Surreal the scene, was that a scream?

The hanging figure twists

How did I get into this place 

 No skills, to deal with this.
Surreal the scene, stark, sinister, scheme

Then a searing band of light

From the tower emanates

Illuminating a portal wide.
Surreal the scene, whose diabolic scheme?

Is this a horror fantasy?

What do I trust, in this farago

I only have my vanity.
Surreal the scene, grey, drab, unforseen

It’s meaning for me scary

I need to travel forwards

Trust my instincts, find sanctuary.

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