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Some people chat on line to get to know people make new friends. Some do it boost, their egos to have a virtual affair, to exert their power, to chase capture and discard. Be wise, hold on to your heart, too good to be true? It probably is!


What are the dangers of dreams
Infernal fantastic tortuous schemes
The paths that lead to danger
Leading us to falling in love with a stranger

Life set, priorities to be met
Plans in place, moving apace, direction set
Train moving, tracks straight, becoming truly stulifying
All mapped, feeling trapped, not so surprising

Happiness comes and goes
Life has highs but many lows
Lows can breed dreams
What if – scenario scenes

Perfect life, perfect love just like in stories
That’s how life should be in all its glories

Life imperfect and love low key
Partners drifting apart, less connections beastly

Imperative – Need to find that perfect love
Daydreams sees it clear and corroborative
As the song says
you only live twice or so it seems
Once for yourself and once for your dreams

Sweet dreams, perfect dreams, dreams can deceive
Swinging so high, flying on the trapeze
Launching into space, Twisting in the air
Where to land, here, or way over there

Old path , new path just beware
Stop, think and compare
Each path has some danger
Dream path, love with a stranger

You only live twice or so it seems
Once for yourself and once for your dreams

Alternative way

If you are feeling at a low ebb

Despondent unable to cope, with lifes web

Heartbroken, unappreciated

Clothed but feeling stark naked
When you want to give up,stop, look for hope

Regroup, retrench and for a moment,be a castle in a moat

Find your essence, the centre of your being

Retreat into your inner eye, do new seeing
Let go of all the things you can’t control

Hold all your strengths and blessings to extol

Grieve for dreams unfulfilled

Wishes and hopes that have chilled
Then parcel that grief and toss it away

Breath deep the scent of the happiness bouquet 

Find small green shoots to nurture, even in the devastation 

Don’t give up, hold on, it’s all in the interpretation

Find lifes alternative way.

By line

She meets him on-line
She is feeling feckless

life devoid of excitement

her need making her reckless

On- line he gives her incitement
He wants her to send a picture

In a pose that is very seductive

she fights her moral stricture

thinking such ideas destructive
She wants to look and feel glamorous

she thinks a glimpse of stocking

he  is encouraging  and amorous

but of the stocking he is mocking
He gives her attention to capture

her need to be romantic

she is thinking bliss and rapture

he demands nudity; she feels frantic
She wants fun and flirtation

nudity feels  too shocking

too much to lose, a whole reputation

weeping hard, his chat she’s blocking
Met on-line

Erased his by-line.
I was challenged to use double rhyme words at the end of lines. Heres my first attempt. 


Planning a journey my heart races

chance to explore unknown places

in this world of exciting spaces
how to choose, stick a pin

that could mean lose or win

wish- list checked word by word

cut it down by a third
I travel far with little fear 

leave it to fate, or stay near here

a journey made by boot and foot

a different adventure new input
with a map to help me yet

though fate, a new course might have set