Riding the Storm

The air feels heavy with foreboding

as colour leaches out of the daylight

greyness turns coppery and progresses

to near darkness
Lightening flares and strobes across the sky

as thunder rolls like cannonades

the jagged spears tear open the sky

the world is      phosophorus illuminated

then fades back to near darkness
The storm is closer counting the  lightening 

to thunder ratio      only a mile away

the trees are beginning to agitate in

the strengthening wind 

rain is spattering on the roof light for

now but it will increase when the 

storm reaches its zenith
Goosebumps stand proud on my arms 

 my breath gets  faster 

as I anticipate the power of the storm to come

 I sink into the power of your embrace

the air sparkles and my mind is filled with pleasure


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