Why rhyme

Words crawl across the page

Full of ideas, need to engage

Stories, prose or rhyme

Has to be rhyme, when , little time
Rhythms and rhymes feels so easy

Feel so right, work so cleanly

Poetry purists will say how cheesy

Expell their breath, very wheezy
An idea to express,  reaction to provoke 

A hope for debate, revolt, or quote

Human relationships float my boat

Love, lust and human trust, my promote
Why rhyme

Nice line

Tends to keep things 

On springs
I can do more rounded prose

Use large words,maybe pose

Metrical composition

Personification recognition


As long as it rhymes 

Suits my paradigms
Why rhyme

Because I so love it!

Sadness sometimes lurks in a corner

But as an optimist,I try t be an informer

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