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By line

She meets him on-line
She is feeling feckless

life devoid of excitement

her need making her reckless

On- line he gives her incitement
He wants her to send a picture

In a pose that is very seductive

she fights her moral stricture

thinking such ideas destructive
She wants to look and feel glamorous

she thinks a glimpse of stocking

he  is encouraging  and amorous

but of the stocking he is mocking
He gives her attention to capture

her need to be romantic

she is thinking bliss and rapture

he demands nudity; she feels frantic
She wants fun and flirtation

nudity feels  too shocking

too much to lose, a whole reputation

weeping hard, his chat she’s blocking
Met on-line

Erased his by-line.
I was challenged to use double rhyme words at the end of lines. Heres my first attempt. 

The scent of the chase

​The scent of the chase

The ego abase

Time to invest

In the new quest

I am available 

New squeeze insatiable 

Sweet talk and chat

Master of that

Eschew masculine brevity

Adopt feminine levity

One of my wiles 

Tested styles

Aim sexual intimacy

Follow up vigorously 

Enjoy the chase

Make it a race

Want her to enjoy

Thats no ploy

Helps my satisfaction

No distraction

When intimacy reigns

Its about pleasure not chains

Then boredom sets in, excitement popped

Intimacy dropped

Scanning the horizon 

The scent of the chase

Finding the new friend apace

On the merry go round

Ego buzzing no rebound.
Rick’s philosophy.

Converging Lives.

Playing a word game on line and getting hit on.

​The idea for Converging Lives came from some of the conversations, I have had with people when playing a word game on the net. I still play that game and it never ceases to amaze me the people who use it as a dating….chat up….stalking site, sex meet site. Sometimes one can get an intention of the new player by their thumbnail picture like full on genitals or a model pose but others may not have a picture of themselves but of their favourite football club mascot or a general scene. I know that lots of women have stopped using thumbnail pictures of themselves to try to avoid being hit on. It’s also sometimes revealing to look at the player statics playing 1200 days won 24 games, lost 25, resigned 12 now that isn’t many games in that amount of time, maybe that person doesn’t have the time to play often, or maybe they are just using the game as a chat up vehicle. Always interesting to see. The game has a chat function and I am not adverse to chatting to people as I play and usually say Hi at the beginning of a game even if that is the sum total of the conversation for the duration of the game. 
I did not grow up with Tinder or with selfies being the norm and I get somewhat miffed with people who hit on me sexually, without bothering to find out whether I might be up for sexy chat or an intimate meet. Or in fact anything about me at all. It’s not that I can’t deal with the issue I sure can. It just seems so discourteous to assume that a randomly generated female playing partner (who is playing a word game), would be up for sex chat, or a meet for casual sex and not to have the manners to at least do a little chat to find out if the woman is interested. 
So what do others make of this situation? 
I hasten to say that I know that there are lots of women who play the game who are happy to sex chat and women predators on the site and that is their choice. 
It’s just the notion of straight in with the chat that just so annoys me. 
I have included a conversation that happened to me recently for your amusement.
His name sums it up I Think! 
too easy: Hey:

sama: Hi. 

 too easy: You look hot 

sama: Yes well must be the weather . Lol .

 too easy: Hehe®. Single? 


Soo easy: Damn

sama: Haha! 

 Soo easy: I hoped you Like Young men;)

 sama: 1 like people I get on with regardless of age. 

Soo easy: Okay. Do you cheat ? 

sama:At  this game?  No.

Soo easy: No Real life . I want A chance to take you. Then i have to slap your ass when im fuckina you.

 sama: Perhaps you should find somebody else to play. I don’t have sex with people I have never met. I find it insulting that you can’t be bothered to find out a few things about me before suggesting that.

 Soo easy: I really want to know you before that happens:).  I Think you Like beautiful and interesting.

Soo easy: Is 25 okay for you? 

sama: Jeez I am not Mrs Robinson! Lol 

Soo easy: Hehe good . Du you have kik ? Then you Can see My Face:)

 sama : …but no way am I going to meet you for sex . So am going to resign.

 Soo easy: Give me a chance to get to know you.

  sama :Lmho! If sex is your aim….it ain’t going to be Me! 
Here is a second one.


 Kt: Hi, are you on Kik

 sama:thank you I am. 

 Kt: Like to meet?

sama :No.


 sama: If you are in a hurrayto meet somebody on kik maybe better to find somebody else . sama:1 only talk on kik with people I know….


 sama: If that means you would rather not play anymore, would you resign so I can play another game

sama: So are you from one of the Scandinavian countries or a UK viking! 

Kt: Swedish viking

Kt: Do you like to try Kik with me?

 sama: What are you wanting to do on kik? 

Kt: Everything you like. Watch….. is my name. 

Kt: You want to see pictures of another lady I talk to, you can on kik. 

Sama: No I don’t and I think if somebody sends you pictures then you should not show them to others. 

Kt: She wants me too. 
Wow another game resigned, not good for my Statistics!  Lol
Does anybody have a take on this? 

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Wow! What an amazing read ‘Converging Lives’ was! Read-Rate-Review.
Friendship. Titillating texting, Love. Lust .Jealousy. Intrigue.
Rick Ansom is an Australian Financial Advisor with a Special Forces background and an addiction to adrenaline rushes. He has met several ladies playing an internet word game and has discovered fun, friendship, flirtation and cybersex on line. A fun way to spend spare moments through out the day. Maybe an affair or two on line would be fine, but he wants nothing serious.  Unfortunately emotions can become highly charged. When the picture of a person is incomplete, when the communication  is brief but intense, people can fall in love in this parallel world, but with a person made more of fantasy than reality. What happens when the real and the fantasy mix together? Chaos, not only for the people playing the game, it can  impact on the rest of their lives with unforeseen consequences. Meet Rick, Christine, Marghita and Eve all playing a harmless word game. See them engage in friendship, lust , jealousy and something more sinister. Converging lives where real life and fantasy combine to send out ripples that change peoples lives maybe forever. Take a peek into this world , it mirrors what is happening on line game sites.

Read-Rate- Review’s take on Converging Lives. See the review on Amazon.

Wow! What an amazing read ‘Converging Lives’ was! Having come to this book fresh from reading ‘Viral,’ also about a very different online experience, I now view all things cyber in a new and informed light! Of course I knew about internet grooming and bullying on social media along with similar, more sinister uses of computers and the internet – but I never ever realised that to some people they have two completely separate lives; one based in reality and one in the computer world – and I’m not even sure they know the difference between the two.! •Converging Lives’ follows the real-time and cyber lives primarily of Rick, Christine, Eve and Marghita, married people from different countries who meet online to play a word game, Crozzle. From Crozzle they frequently progress to an online messaging service called Beat where they exchange messages, share pictures and tell anecdotes of their everyday lives, often becoming deeply emotionally attached and developing virtual sexual relationships. The problems begin when the lines between the real and virtual worlds are blurred and crossed with the consequences taking a more sinister turn. I won’t say more for fear of spoiling the story, but this book is definitely worth a read. There are some basic punctuating and grammatical errors which I assume are part of the advance copy and will be dealt with for the final copy so I haven’t allowed them to influence my rating. BUT, once again, wow! Not only was this a real page turner – but I also learned some important.

Crozzle text snippet.

This is a snippet of text conversation whilst playing the game Word Crozzle. The man a thirty year old commuter who played and chatted on the train as he commuted mostly. Christine early forties somewhat of a cougar. The sex conversations they often had sometimes caused him election issues during his commute.All Christine knows about Ryan is his age and he commutes hence her description mystery man. Of course it maybe that none of those facts is actually correct.

Morning 7th May.
Christine: Good morning..x
I found this poem thought I would share a little.
Hard erection awaiting penetration
Brushes my skin amazing sensation
Eagerly awaiting tantalised and shaking
Your hot breath in my ear excitement awakening.
Ryan: My lyrical master..  How are you sweetheart?
Christine: 1 am just fine…how are you?
Ryan: In a crowded train feeling excited after that.
Evening 7th May
Christine: Good evening. Playing I see.Still on the train?
Ryan: Home now…a shame its not your home x
Christine: Ah but we might not get on well living in the same home…
Ryan:would be fun trying!
Christine: Fun for a weekend maybe…x
Ryan: Maybe..
Christine: A weekend would probably sate us nicely….! could eat breakfast off your body….finger food!
Morning 8th May
Christine: Good morning…Friday…
Ryan: Hey sunshine
Evening 8th May
Christine: Hey mystery man its the weekend any plans? X
Ryan: It’s such a mystery, even I don’t know! You?
Christine: Haha…out for drinks in min…out sun lunch …
Christine: Spect u going to the gym???
Christine: Hi MM.xx
Ryan: Evening my sexy minx
Christine: Hi Ryan…have had wine so smiling….naughty….and good…lol .

Interactions are based on material researched for the novel Converging Lives.

Developing cyber relationship.

My life seemed incomplete, I was talking to empty air,
And nobody listened, or seemed to care
The depth of my relationships, seemed
shallow, unheard
Life seemed stale, no whizz, lack of the absurb
Then things seemed to change, new interests arose
My focus shifted, more poise, more prose Words on breezes, seeded the air
Till they found the right ears, found a snare
Letting go of buried sighs,finding friendship a suprise
In cyber floating unfocused, senses alive, otherwise
The pull of interest potent, no concerns no doubts
Ready for adventures, waiting to be played out
The conversation becomes clouded by lust
Not an issue it’s well laced with trust
Not ready to cross the line,emotions held in check
Friendship the deal, what the heck
The pattern changes
Through interesting stages
Laughter caring and sharing
Some soul baring
Makes me glad we met


Man with magnetic ways
Eyes that mesmerise , my feelings betray
Your personality and charm I love to see
Please have your way with me
The contrast of your masculinity 
Accentuates my femininity
Striking the match of passion
Blazing rising flames of desire

Woman with intense emotions 
Intending to explore, life’s commotions
Woman with her senses on the edge
Using her sexuality, like a sledge
Wishing for some meaningful connection 
Conjoined against misdirection
The interplay of fantasy
Plays off our ecstasy

Making fantasies together

We are the makers of our fantasies
Steering us away from reality
Made of images we create in our minds
Leading us towards the wildness we can find
Together we explore all realms of being
Sensual maybe kinky but totally freeing
Trust that binds us allows for sharing
All ideas pondered our intimacy baring
Expression lands us raw and intense
Ideas unlocked excitingly immense
So many situations and fun to try out
Partners of pleasure no limits no doubt
Flying high on clouds of delight
Fanning the flames our joy alights
Making the visions we hold in our head
Come alive and excite instead

Text Snippets from Crozzle. A new flirtation.

Steve : Hello are you playing?
Christine : Yes I am Just had answer the telephone
Christine : Do you like to play your games quickly?
Steve : I try to yes, but I understand if your busy no worries.
Christine : its ok I have so many many games am playing in between ….rather doing lots of other things
Steve : Your very good.
Christine : Thank you..there is a degree of luck to the random especially…the tile placing and the letters…and its never over till its over. In some games I am lagging behind…but love words and games of many sorts so always a pleasure to play. win or lose.
Steve : Yes I agree it’s fun to play and you can meet some very interesting people.
Christine : I have a love of words am aspiring to write….and  want to write poetry about love. …
Steve : That is way cool.
Christine: My name is Christine and I live in Scotland.
Steve : Steve I live in Arizona.
Christine : From the States but playing the English Board.
Steve: I prefer not to play Americans they might be looking for a permanent relationship.
Christine: That’s good you are clear about what you want and you are taking steps to avoid conflict. 
Steve: I am a single father of two, divorced and I intend to stay single. I have a girlfriend but I dont live with her and its really only a sexual  friendship.
Christine: Gosh is she happy with that or does she want more? Sorry talking not playing!
Steve : It’s fine I usually won’t talk but your, interesting, and sexual, I like that. And yes I do have to remind her I don’t want a relationship at all Just sex.
Christine : She needs to want that too or sooner or later she will demand more…or get hurt..but as long as you are honest and you obviously have been…if she comes to you on that basis she takes responsibility for that..and any damage she does to her own relationship…its hard though.
Christine: I have done cybersex with a few people on here, and am a little in love with one of the guys.
Steve: I am getting a little aroused at the thought. Please don’t take the question wrong but does doing cybersex arouse you?

Two Share

Two lives touch, Two lives Converge
Two hearts beat, Two  minds merge
Two worlds together,Two stand alone 
Two agendas, Two swoon
Two phones, same mind
Two halves, pleasure, both might find
Two wet, Two cream
Two share, transient dream
Peace relief pleasure time
Two remember it’s a fantasy rhyme.