Tag: evil


Vortex dark and swirling,

Momentarily still,

Grey shades of darkness, lozenge 

shaped,ready to kill,

Fae currents from 

a far off world,

Coalesce in this spot,

Danger dark despicable,

Could this be our lot?

Brightness, radiating beams 

of light, our saviour or 

our plight?

Blue and golden

 rainbows, holds the darkness


 Just holding dangers balance

keeping up the fight,

The aura made of goodness

is filtered from our world,

Banishing the evil to just a little swirl.

The villain

Dearest,deadly, denizen
Playing, prophetic, pendulum
Stalking, skulking, snatching
Hooded, hombre, hatching
Cruel, calculated, catastrophe
Helpless, hedonistic, heraldry
Victim, value, visionless
Beware, bewitched, balanceless
Deadly, deeds, despised
Monster, stalks, prize.