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Flash Fiction. Paris

Flash fiction

“The first day of the rest of our lives, we have escaped our demons. Oh darling I didn’t think this day would ever come.” May hugs her lover Hugh as they alight from their taxi outside the hotel in Paris. 

“I know darling, we are going to have an amazing time. Let’s get into the hotel and get started on our honeymoon without the wedding!” 

“ What an idyllic spot Hugh,  a step from the river Seine, the Notre Dame in view ,such a romantic setting.”

The porter steps , and picks up the cases, leading the way through the marble and gilt foyer to the reception desk. He places the cases on the floor, nods at the couple and walks back to the front door. 

Hugh and May walk to the desk and the receptionist  said, “ Good afternoon and welcome to the hotel, could I take your name? “

“Hugh Winters.”

“Yes sir, a three night stay,  if you could fill in your details on this form and sign the bottom.”

“Your room is on the fourth floor sir, here are the keys, the porter will bring your luggage  up shortly.”

Hugh picks up the keys and wrapping his arm around May, they stroll to the lift. On reaching the room Hugh unlocks the door. “Just stay there May, give me your bag.” He disappears into the room, then reappears, grabs May around the waist and hoists her over his shoulder. He staggers through the door and kicks it shut, then deposits a giggling May on the bed.

“ Idiot, don’t do your back in!” she splutters. “Oh look Hugh we have a balcony with a glimpse of the River and the Notre Dame. Look you can even see the gargoyles on the tower.” 

“Our honeymoon has started. Then our time to be totally together unfolds.Yes how fabulous and romantic, lets go out and get a clearer look, you first I will come behind you. “

“Oh Hugh its so beautiful, thank you for bringing me here. What are you doing?”

“Just picking you up, so I can cuddle every part of you, my lovely lady.”

“Mmmm I just so love you. Gosh I thought I saw that gargoyle flex its wings! It moved I am sure! ”

“Now that would be a miracle. Turn your head and kiss me darling.”
As May turns her head, Hugh gives a mighty heave with his arms and  May flies over the balcony. 
She screams summersaulting  as she falls into the street below, laying spread eagled on the cobbles of the side yard

“The first day of the rest of our lives,” he mutters as he turns and leaves the bedroom carrying May’s bag. He carefully makes his way down the back stairs and exits the hotel by the side door, hurrying into the crowd. 

This was written in response to a photo prompt and the challenge was to mix some genres.

Inner Light

​Look into the mirror what do I see 

Do I see, the outer shell that masquerades as me

Look a little closer, stare into my eyes

Can I see an inner glow, flickering, burning, a surprise

Ah maybe that is my inner light

The me stripped of pretences, burning ever brighter

The implications are tremendous
Look more closely at others, past the different facades

Can I find the inner light behind their masquerades

Will I find a different person hiding inside

Away from the projected face with filters all applied

We need to find the inner light 

To find the true mankind

Society encourages conformity that maybe makes us blind 

Who are you on line?

​On line, interacting with strangers who become online friends; are you the same person,  as when interacting with friends and family in everyday encounters? Do you enhance your personality. become wittier, livelier, sexier?

Interactions by text, messenger,face to face video can be more intense, more intimate but still remote, does that enable you to become the person you would really like to be? Have you ever misrepresented your age? Used a picture of a younger self or suspected that somebody you are interacting with is doing just that?


Story of an internet love

She loved him, well it felt like love
She was besotted by his image
She felt they fitted like a glove
Mesmerised by his charm, new life envisaged

She shared his life in fits and starts
The pictures binding her closer
The need for him going off the charts
She put her life on hold for him, a total engrosser

She loved the endearments  that he spoke
His little caring kindnesses
Her hormones stirred and really awoke
Pity much of the story was of her contrivances

She listened to his sadness and woe
Wanting to ease the burden
Wild fantasies of him in her mind did grow
Her passionate need so certain

She loved a man she had never met
More than a friend he became a passion
Married to another, she knew he was trapped in a net
She needed to free him, cement their interaction

She let him lead her into online sex
Sharing their love, a distant fix
Suddenly there seemed a hex
He talked of another his words suddenly seemed reflex

She loved him
What was going wrong
World in pieces, light feeling dim
Her one in a million man, where was the love so strong

She needs him, he is her future
Her soul is grey and sad
Her world has now contracted,who is the wrongdoer
Part of her is rebelling feeling mad

She hatches a plan.

The villain

Dearest,deadly, denizen
Playing, prophetic, pendulum
Stalking, skulking, snatching
Hooded, hombre, hatching
Cruel, calculated, catastrophe
Helpless, hedonistic, heraldry
Victim, value, visionless
Beware, bewitched, balanceless
Deadly, deeds, despised
Monster, stalks, prize.

Text snippets on Word Crozzle. False face on the Internet. A predator or worse?

Eve started a new random game and it was with somebody called Jason his thumbnail showed a good looking man maybe late thirties.
Chat with Jason and Eve
Eve: Hi my name is Eve looking forward to the game.
Jason: Hi my name is Jason.
Eve : I live in London.
Jason: I live in Los Angeles.You are very lovely.
Eve: Oh you have bad fires at the moment, it must be terrible.
Jason. Oh I live to the South. But thank you for your concern. Are you always concerned about people or only people you are attracted too?
Eve :  I am always interested in what is happening to the people I am playing with.
Eve : So what interests you… ?What makes you smile?
Jason : Someone loving me
Eve : And you dont at the moment?
Jason : No. 😭
Eve: Must be somebody…family? friends?
Jason : Yes… family.
Eve: So people love you..but are not in love with you?
Jason : Yes. Oh my goodness how did you know?
Eve : Because you said somebody loving you would make you smile… So either the person you are with doesnt make you smile …or you are between partners and are looking for the soul
Jason : The latter.
Jason : You are so insightful.
Eve : Guess I will need to find an easier way to make you smile….falling in love over the internet can cause major problems…and I try to avoid it…
Eve : Better friends than a romance built on
jason : I agree. But it is possible to find true love over the Internet or even over a silly game like this.
Jason : I believe in love at first sight and finding your soulmate even if they live in different country.
Eve : It is possible to find true love anywhere…even on the internet…and on games sites…but you have to remember you only see what people want you to see…they only share what they want to share…you only actually have part of a picture of them and your brain fills in the details and can make somebody look perfect when they actually have feet of clay…as we all do… actually interacting in the real world when you see people stressed and unhappy or see their bad habits is different from the rosy pic one can get over the net…  It can happen but be aware of the bias that can occur when all your communication is long distance..
Jason: I am very attracted to you  you are beautiful  kind and sympathetic.
Eve :1 think love is something very deep and complicated and its something that needs to be continuously nurtured. I think some of the love at first sight is about attraction and lust…..and the deeper connection follows if you can become friends, communicate and really care for the person you are with…and not try to turn them into the person you would like them to be..  Sorry subject I feel strongly about..
Shortly after this Jason resigned the game with no further communication Eve shrugged and carried on. Finished games stay, on the Word Crozzle played list, and eventually scroll  off. Eve noticed that the thumbnail picture had changed to a younger person of different ethnic origin. Who was Jason? What did he want? Why did he change identities? Eve will never know but it has reminded  her of the need to take care and not to accept everything at face value. Have you had issues of misrepresentation on the net?