Flying High

We are the makers of our fantasies Flying high, bandits at Ten o Clock Bullets ripping into the fuselage  tearing, burning causing  Sensations to build , magnify Words and pictures travelling through the ether   Leading us towards  wildness – this aerial ballet ,as we jockey for position Who will lead, who will follow, who Continue reading “Flying High”


Catastrophe, conflagration, consummation Firey furnance, feasts forrestation Calamity, catastrophic conclusion Mortals, mettle, meaningless Bravery, beautifully breathtaking Local lives, liberated Nature’s nadir, nonentity Catastrophe, conflagration, consummation Regrowth, rebirth, reclaimation.

The villain

Dearest,deadly, denizen Playing, prophetic, pendulum Stalking, skulking, snatching Hooded, hombre, hatching Cruel, calculated, catastrophe Helpless, hedonistic, heraldry Victim, value, visionless Beware, bewitched, balanceless Deadly, deeds, despised Monster, stalks, prize.