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Vortex dark and swirling,

Momentarily still,

Grey shades of darkness, lozenge 

shaped,ready to kill,

Fae currents from 

a far off world,

Coalesce in this spot,

Danger dark despicable,

Could this be our lot?

Brightness, radiating beams 

of light, our saviour or 

our plight?

Blue and golden

 rainbows, holds the darkness


 Just holding dangers balance

keeping up the fight,

The aura made of goodness

is filtered from our world,

Banishing the evil to just a little swirl.

Murder and violence

Murder and violence leave me cold
It happens too much, in the world, has a hold
There is always somebody, wants to be top dog
And will go to any lengths, to push their views
There are those who follow fervently,see the news
Then there are those, that kill others for the pleasure
I dont even begin, to have their measure.

Films and tv mimic, the stories of violence and death
They replicate or imagine, stories of graphic violence with great success
Mankind it seems, is determined to have an existance, distorted and curved
What happened to the idea of doing good
Of making a ripple that can be understood
Not in terms of violence and fear
But of nuture and caring and being clear.

I know I am at odds, with the mores of the world
My view is distorted by a search for the good
For compassion, love and helping to be understood
Will I see a world, more in keeping with my philosophy
Or is the pendulum swinging too far,and it will never be
We should not be debased, by all the evil
Instead try to make some ripples in the fabric of time.

That spell peace, calm, love and compassion
I fear it will make no difference, said with dispassion
But at least we will have tried
Pushed the pendulum, stemmed the tide