I thought for a while

I thought for a while you were my soul mate, true
We chatted and laughed the whole day through
I told myself to stay aloof
We were friends, oh yes that’s the truth
I knew I wasn’t the only one
That you were only having fun
I tried to stay a friend not a lover
Though thoughts can’t be pigeon holed, I discovered
We did some sexy cyber scenes
Kept my oxytocin in check by ways and means
I kidded myself we had a special bond
You shared things with me, as we went beyond
I flattered myself that you liked my advice
Thought your sharing was unique, that was totally imprecise
As time went on I found that I was given
The same the same information as the other women
The time we shared was fun unique
But most of the content, was shared by the clique
So I was kidding my self, I had a special place
Your heart was shut tight, it was a power Base
I thought you were my soul mate true
I let my feelings out for you
I have reeled them back
Though you still attract
We talk sometimes the attraction now strained
I think how naive, not how I trained
I still feel wounded at your lack of care
You are oblivious, what was there, there?
I am one who kept my head
Fell a little, kept friendship instead
I thought for a while you were my soul mate true
Knowing you are not, still makes me blue.

Inspired by Converging Lives

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