Crozzle Text snippets. Sexual resurrgance

Jane. I have been indulging in cyberspace with a young man.
Rick.Naugnty Mary Jane. Hahahahaha. I think Mary Jane  will be be my name for you when you are being naughty angel!
Jane. Yes started late with sex enjoyment so. Having my young time now….
Oh since when has it been naughty Rick Anson?
Rick.Yes indeed. No its all good. Teasing baby.
Jane. Also really late discovering the joy of sex! And my full sexuality so got lots to recoop am in arrears!
Rick. I applaud that. Because most women would just settle and be miserable.
Jane.  But actually the more I hear women in their fifties they are either very sexual or disinterested in sex.
Rick. Yeah either extreme
Jane. 1 know of several women in their fifties doing stranger sex and lots who feel they have done their ‘duty’ and dont want sex anymore.
Rick. Like totally want it. Any time anywhere or hate the idea and thought of it.
Jane. Yes.
Rick.  I’m sure that is the case.
Jane. And maybe I am somewhere in the middle ,because l havent made that mental leap to stranger sex…but adore good sex!
Rick. I’m sure going through the menopause must have its draw backs,  but for some it might also be a new lease of life sexually.
Jane. Yes….but I think the women who go off sex….may have had mediocre sex…..maybe with a man who was more interested in getting his end away than pleasuring them…or its boring same same sex.
Rick.I concur with that.
Jane. I think lots of women never have an earth shattering orgasam in their lives and never self explore so they never experience the total joy and therefore it becomes less important. And when the lust wears off…one has to work to keep sex exciting…and people dont bother.
Rick. All they need is a younger model for a few nights. And usual services will resume.
Jane.  Only if the younger model is good….and thats not a given.
Rick. But good old monogamy prevents such sacrilegious sentiments. Lol.
Rick. I know. I’m good. Can’t speak for everyone. Hahahaha.
Jane.I think monogomy is less an issue….than other things…
Jane. There is still a big difference in attitudes to men having lots of sexual partners…..and women….hes just getting his end away…shes often seen as a slut. Its very complex.
Jane. Glad you are good… you have a set of commendations?
Jane. It took me a long time to find somebody who was good…lol.
Rick.Yeah definitely.
Commendations? Hah! Try me baby!
Jane. Ha ha. Well only got your word.
Rick.But we are still living in a man’s world.Whether we like it or not in relation to perception of sexual roles and activity. That’s  generally still the case unfortunately
Jane. Yes we are … Sexually I now feel comfortable asking for what I want.
Rick. Which I think every woman should do
Jane.Yes but you have to know….and if you havent done self exploration or had a skilled lover dont know….and how can you expect a man to find your buttons if you dont know exactly where they are. He will have a general idea…but each of us has slightly different buttons.
Jane. And you have to have the confidence …I didnt when I was younger

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