The person I wanted you to be

I am finding it hard to reconcile
How I could be so naive
It should be on our codicil
We didn’t set out to deceive
I found myself so much in love
With the person I wanted you to be
Instead of looking objectively enough
At the person there to see
Maybe in your vanity 
You tried to hide your flaws
Maybe in my vanity
I ignored the warning scores
It’s sad I can’t forgive you
For having feet of clay
When mine are similar too
Maybe that’s my dismay
I haven’t yet cured myself of love
Without you I am feeling blue
Am I longing for my fantasy above
A love given true?


  1. asthaguptaa says:

    left me smiling..


    1. sam1128 says:

      Thank you, nice to get a reaction.

      Liked by 1 person

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