I have spent my life waiting for you
Meeting many great souls along the way
Life had excitements, progress and gains
Sadness and disappointments also held sway
I centred myself and learnt to love me
I cared for others and threw off my chains
Made my own happiness learned made some gains
I didn’t fall in love easily
My heart stayed intact
Had some flings agreeably
But always felt a lack
I knew you were out there somewhere in this world
Then I met you and saw you smile
I felt the draw, the lure of you, my equilibrium disturbed
I want to walk into your arms, for you to hold me close
I know I will feel both safe and exhilarated, even without a trial
I long to feel your heart beating next to mine
Feel our breathing mesh, with time
I have been waiting my whole life through
Waiting for the miracle that could just be you

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