Story of an internet love

She loved him, well it felt like love
She was besotted by his image
She felt they fitted like a glove
Mesmerised by his charm, new life envisaged

She shared his life in fits and starts
The pictures binding her closer
The need for him going off the charts
She put her life on hold for him, a total engrosser

She loved the endearments  that he spoke
His little caring kindnesses
Her hormones stirred and really awoke
Pity much of the story was of her contrivances

She listened to his sadness and woe
Wanting to ease the burden
Wild fantasies of him in her mind did grow
Her passionate need so certain

She loved a man she had never met
More than a friend he became a passion
Married to another, she knew he was trapped in a net
She needed to free him, cement their interaction

She let him lead her into online sex
Sharing their love, a distant fix
Suddenly there seemed a hex
He talked of another his words suddenly seemed reflex

She loved him
What was going wrong
World in pieces, light feeling dim
Her one in a million man, where was the love so strong

She needs him, he is her future
Her soul is grey and sad
Her world has now contracted,who is the wrongdoer
Part of her is rebelling feeling mad

She hatches a plan.

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