Walk by the sea

​Aromatic plants remind me of the scent of you

As I close my eyes,  imprinted with your image,  true

I hold back a sob, as your loss cuts me deep

I seem to miss you badly, waking or asleep

As I walk by the sea, and breathe the air, ladened with brine

I replay our first encounter, in this mind of mine

The warmth of the sun, portrays the feelings of joy

As I dip into my memories, of my time with you boy

The sea breeze is setting in, bringing goosebumps to my skin

As I relive our passion, a time without sin

The sound of the waves,like huge rolling sighs

Conjures the picture of the depth of your lies

The feel of the shells crushed under my feet 

The pinpoints of discomfort, prick  my feelings of defeat

The vista to the horizon, with the setting sun plunging into the sea

Reminds me it’s time to set myself free.

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