Playing a word game on line and getting hit on.

​The idea for Converging Lives came from some of the conversations, I have had with people when playing a word game on the net. I still play that game and it never ceases to amaze me the people who use it as a dating….chat up….stalking site, sex meet site. Sometimes one can get an intention of the new player by their thumbnail picture like full on genitals or a model pose but others may not have a picture of themselves but of their favourite football club mascot or a general scene. I know that lots of women have stopped using thumbnail pictures of themselves to try to avoid being hit on. It’s also sometimes revealing to look at the player statics playing 1200 days won 24 games, lost 25, resigned 12 now that isn’t many games in that amount of time, maybe that person doesn’t have the time to play often, or maybe they are just using the game as a chat up vehicle. Always interesting to see. The game has a chat function and I am not adverse to chatting to people as I play and usually say Hi at the beginning of a game even if that is the sum total of the conversation for the duration of the game. 
I did not grow up with Tinder or with selfies being the norm and I get somewhat miffed with people who hit on me sexually, without bothering to find out whether I might be up for sexy chat or an intimate meet. Or in fact anything about me at all. It’s not that I can’t deal with the issue I sure can. It just seems so discourteous to assume that a randomly generated female playing partner (who is playing a word game), would be up for sex chat, or a meet for casual sex and not to have the manners to at least do a little chat to find out if the woman is interested. 
So what do others make of this situation? 
I hasten to say that I know that there are lots of women who play the game who are happy to sex chat and women predators on the site and that is their choice. 
It’s just the notion of straight in with the chat that just so annoys me. 
I have included a conversation that happened to me recently for your amusement.
His name sums it up I Think! 
too easy: Hey:

sama: Hi. 

 too easy: You look hot 

sama: Yes well must be the weather . Lol .

 too easy: Hehe®. Single? 


Soo easy: Damn

sama: Haha! 

 Soo easy: I hoped you Like Young men;)

 sama: 1 like people I get on with regardless of age. 

Soo easy: Okay. Do you cheat ? 

sama:At  this game?  No.

Soo easy: No Real life . I want A chance to take you. Then i have to slap your ass when im fuckina you.

 sama: Perhaps you should find somebody else to play. I don’t have sex with people I have never met. I find it insulting that you can’t be bothered to find out a few things about me before suggesting that.

 Soo easy: I really want to know you before that happens:).  I Think you Like beautiful and interesting.

Soo easy: Is 25 okay for you? 

sama: Jeez I am not Mrs Robinson! Lol 

Soo easy: Hehe good . Du you have kik ? Then you Can see My Face:)

 sama : …but no way am I going to meet you for sex . So am going to resign.

 Soo easy: Give me a chance to get to know you.

  sama :Lmho! If sex is your aim….it ain’t going to be Me! 
Here is a second one.


 Kt: Hi, are you on Kik

 sama:thank you I am. 

 Kt: Like to meet?

sama :No.


 sama: If you are in a hurrayto meet somebody on kik maybe better to find somebody else . sama:1 only talk on kik with people I know….


 sama: If that means you would rather not play anymore, would you resign so I can play another game

sama: So are you from one of the Scandinavian countries or a UK viking! 

Kt: Swedish viking

Kt: Do you like to try Kik with me?

 sama: What are you wanting to do on kik? 

Kt: Everything you like. Watch….. is my name. 

Kt: You want to see pictures of another lady I talk to, you can on kik. 

Sama: No I don’t and I think if somebody sends you pictures then you should not show them to others. 

Kt: She wants me too. 
Wow another game resigned, not good for my Statistics!  Lol
Does anybody have a take on this? 

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  1. An insight into how the net is different for men and women …

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