What shall I do today
No schedule ,to mar my play
Shall I just please myself
Do exercise to improve my health
Shall I just improve my mind
Enjoy literature of the improving kind

Or allow my baser nature to concur
Dress to kill become a poseur
Read trashy novels of the seedy type
Listen to music till the time is ripe
Explore sexuality greed and lust
Eat chocolate forget to dust

What should I do today
Contact friends without delay
Share the joys of touching lives
Just hang out, wait for a suprise
The choice is endless we shall see
How todays events pan out for me.

My day will give some times of joy
Some times of angst that may annoy
I hope to hit the highest heights
Not plumb the depths without good grace
What shall I do today
Maybe just go out and play


  1. ronbrownx says:


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    1. sam1128 says:

      Thank you. That made me smile.

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