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Crunchy granules sprinkled pure 

Golden beach throws out the lure

Sparkling diamond peaks of light

Reflected nature, shimmery delight 

Thoughts unwind, body relaxed 

Watching the waves, glistening tracks 

Crisp cool breeze whispers by 

Seagulls, floating in the sky 

Closing my eyes, imagining you here 

Holding your hand, holding you dear

Lapping waves caress my feet 

Sunbeams cascade, summers sweet

Toes wiggling in warm smooth sand

Feeling at one with this fair land.

Flash Fiction?? Chosing actions.

​Jayne is seething ,so angry, she finds herself muttering about the unfairness of life. Standing in the queue for the checkout, the person in front of her,has two unpriced items and the checkout assistant is taking forever.  She is chatting to the other customer and ignoring the  goods still to be scanned. 

‘Oh get on with it, stop piddling about.’

‘For heavens sake I am in a hurry.’


‘That gurl is just so bad at her job!’

The thoughts spin round in Jayne’s brain, her face is flushed and she is tapping her hands on her trolley. By the time she gets to the front of the queue she is frustrated, unable to be pleasant to the assistant and nearly hits a trolley as she reverses out of the parking space. 
Jayne choose to go with her gut reaction, to the setback in the queue and this has left her frustrated and irritable. 
Jayne is standing in the queue at the checkout, the queue is moving slowly and Jayne was hoping for a speedy exit. Looking at the hold up, she sees the checkout assistant chatting to her customer and scanning items extremely slowly. She grimaces and feels herself becoming annoyed. As the feeling of irritation makes its way into her consciousness, she thinks about how she is reacting to the slow movements. Jayne realises she is becoming angry about an issue outside her control and so considers what she can do with the enforced  lull in her busy day. 

She spends a few minutes centering  herself and then picks up her phone and checks her messages. When she leaves the supermarket she is feeling relaxed and happy that she has used her time wisely. 

Jayne choose not to go with her gut reaction and is feeling relaxed and positive.


What shall I do today
No schedule ,to mar my play
Shall I just please myself
Do exercise to improve my health
Shall I just improve my mind
Enjoy literature of the improving kind

Or allow my baser nature to concur
Dress to kill become a poseur
Read trashy novels of the seedy type
Listen to music till the time is ripe
Explore sexuality greed and lust
Eat chocolate forget to dust

What should I do today
Contact friends without delay
Share the joys of touching lives
Just hang out, wait for a suprise
The choice is endless we shall see
How todays events pan out for me.

My day will give some times of joy
Some times of angst that may annoy
I hope to hit the highest heights
Not plumb the depths without good grace
What shall I do today
Maybe just go out and play