Idle Dreams

Those moments that I have, for idle dream
I try not to spend, in what might have been
Might have been, can’t come again
I must imagine future new, or just condemn
Myself to running on the wheel
Picking at wounds that just won’t heal
Cherishing memories is great
Learning from the past, the great debate
My idle dreams can help me merge, my various forms and recreate
Visions of the future, shaken and stirred
The child inside, the femme fatal, the carer, the cook, all part of this herd
My fantasies can take me away from the angst of a dreadful day
Make me smile , people my future days, where new aspirations sway
Or maybe I can just escape into  a little space in time
Merge all my selves, have time sublime
Act a scene with Cary Grant, private jet to the South of France
Finding a treasure in a search, ride my magic carpet, dance and romance
Who knows what my idle dreams will be
Daydreaming happy dreams can’t you see? :)😴


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