I would never cheat and lie

​I live in a life where love has gone stale

We have ceased trying and live without the detail

The film reel has become stuck 

Same old, same old, in a rut

Its not that we are not in love

Its just we are no longer collaborative 

Need excitement, validation, ego reclaimation

I know you care, we manage in formation

I would never cheat or lie

Wouldn’t hurt anothers eyes

Just need some fun and mystery

Add another dimension to my history

I just text  as we play

There is just so much to say

I sit with you but I am with her

Happy and content not miserable and blurred

I would never hurt you or jeopardise us,thats absurb

A space in fantasy is all I crave

Maybe I should stay and fix us, be brave

How can it end in tears

Ok sharing may breed feelings, but not affairs

I would never cheat or lie

Am I playing a deadly try

Playing with hearstrings that I cant manipulate

I just need to validate. 

Written with inspiration from the song In Anothers Eyes by Trisha Yearwood.  For Rick from the novel Converging Lives.

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