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A morsel of you

I reflect on what we might have  been

had things been different

life’s unforseen,twists and turns

following fates convuluted hand

I had a glimpse or  a dream

of a different future – built on sand

Would we have been greater in pairing

 or a disaster that fate has been kind in sparing

our paths met, then diverged, adding richness 

loneliness and sadness in the parting

leaving a layer of learning which must add growth

or is this but a hollow dream

What I am yet to become

will be due to singular striving

Happiness and fulfillment

 in this life needs work and dedication

I reflect on what is now

what might have been I disallow

Another world, another life, we might be bliss

Until then I gather life and fulfill my destiny

 unable to be blue living life to the full

only more so because I shared a morsel with you.

The simple life

Rushing, rushing

Frenetically hustling

Life is busy, full of strife

Is there a thing called the simple life?
Bustling, hustling 

Ever tussling

I need space,to slow my pace,

To listen, to stop, to rate the rat race.
Rushing, rushing

Frenetically hustling

No time to savour , just to survive

Is there a thing called the simple life?
Bustling, hustling 

Cease the tussling

Find a balance, from the inside

Hone priorites, must decide
Rushing, rushing

Frenetically hustling

Centre myself , count life’s wealth

Where can I find the simple life?
Where can I find the simple life?
Modifying, modifying

New life , designing

Centre myself, count life’s wealth

Life is too short, no time for stealth
Where can I find the simple life? 

Walking out

Every dream you promised me

Drew me close, then misery

Your words were seductive don’t you see.
You took my heart and held it safe

I gave my trust, to an inventive knave

My first mistake, I can vouchsafe.
Those carefully crafted  lies of yours

Drew me in, closed other doors

You locked my heart, that gave me pause.
You buried that key, and pulled me low

I was drowning in your undertow

You swore to never let me go.
My will was sapped, your wiles were strong

This warped existence , became life’s song

I need the strength  to right the wrong.
From the dirt ,the key I hold, now I just need,to be bold

Without a doubt, I am walking out, you lost your hold

Your seductive schemes just leave me cold.

Live tomorrow with pride

Hold the joy of the moment

Keep it safe within

Whatever happens tomorrow

Don’t let the demons in

When things pan out in abundance

Remember, that moment of bliss

It’s yours to keep, to treasure, to learn

Like when, you  stepped off the cliff

If your dreams don’t pan out and things go askew

Regroup, retrench find the siren song, bright not blue

Don’t give into despair,or  let the black dog sit

Dive right in and salvage the good bits

Hold the joy of the moment

Don’t let the demons in

Whatever happens tomorrow

It’s a new day , free from sin

Learn from the good and the difficult

Don’t let angst, cast that moment aside

Let go of anxiety and anger, live tomorrow with pride

Leave my heart behind

Now we have started

This sweet seductive game

I think the rules 

we somehow, need to exclaim 

If we just, play it by ear

We will be hurt I fear

Not to think, of  ground rules

Is the fools path to hell
I need to feel the power of your  body

I want to explore your mind

I want you to thrill me hotly

To explore each other, a sexual incline

I need to know you want me

I need you as a devotee 

But don’t use the word love

Unless it’s truly true

Never off the cuff as a convenient bluff 
Now we have started 

This sweet seductive game

With a relationship full of lust

 I know that  that it’s  all insane

Just don’t promise  me the moon and stars

Just a a single tryst with trust.

I need you to explore my body 

Electrify my mind

Just leave my heart behind.


What is it, about our uniqueness,

Should it exist?

 Is it seen as a weakness,

To be burnt away, like mist,
Our spark and our idiosyncrasies,

Does society want us to conform,

Join the herd, act in ways that please,

Step in line, stay within the norm,
What is it about, your uniqueness,

That I celebrate and applaud,

Your honesty, drive and genius,

Your flaws I also laud,
What is it, about my uniqueness,

That I cherish and nurture,

The me that exists, that’s not seamless,

My drive for happiness, still a searcher,
Our spark and idiosyncrasies,

Should be cherished,

They are the oil and the antifreeze,

That fuel creativity, not see it perished.


​World expanding ,hovering somewhere near the sun

Reviewing hopes and fantasies, nearly come undone

Exponential, Epoch, Elevate and Energised

Willing, Wit, Wisdom try to be Wise

Fulfillment, Functioning, Feelings helps life Flow

Growing, Gentle, Gratitude learning how to Glow

Turning self belief into a better way to live

Changing my perspective learning how to thrive.