Events from the past

Frozen in time, behind windows of glass,

In the museum of the mind

Events from the past, in crystal clear clarity

The memories are stored, allowing recall first class.
But how clean are those windows? From the thoughts we revive,

When we dredge deep in the recesses, for treasures or lines,

Have some of the mirrors, become distorted with time,

As we struggle to bring events to focus keep them alive.
We use some tricks to remember the good and the bad

Hurt and misery are etched on the glass, the texture abrasive, a recurring repast,

Happiness sits in a golden glow, romance set in amber, held to last,

Special moments in a corner marked with glad. 

Evocative smells or sights add to our minds concepts

Memories so clear from the mysteries of time

What have we forgotten, have we added some lines?

Are they truly a picture of the past, or cleaned and sweot?
Frozen in time behind windows of glass

In the museum of the mind

Events from the past.

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